Simple schematics that portray the principles
Single page representation through Topologies
From 2D patent drawings to 3D schematics
Sequence of operation for mechanisms



Functions are like the trunk of a tree. The roots are the enabling technologies, and the branches are the various application areas.
Looking at a system in functional terms enables us to go across multiple application areas, to other industries, and explore how a function is implemented. We can consider alternative enabling technologies and how well they can satisfy the needs of a specific application environment.
A function-by-function representation of a technological domain is the best way to have a complete overview without getting drowned in an ocean of data.

The entire focus is to illustrate inventions and their claims through clear representations that enable you to immediately grasp all the essential elements relevant to your objectives. Ten seconds is all that it should take to understand accurately the essential elements of an invention.

Simple illustrations, in a consistent manner, also enable us to produce single page summaries of alternative conceptual directions, or of the concepts and incremental improvements within a conceptual direction. We refer to this as Technology Topologies.  Topologies enable the parallel processing of information. When everything is represented schematically, critical questions shout out, what is not there screams by its absence and opportunities become easier to spot.