Our experience shows that it is possible to invent around most patents. Our track record makes us proud of our ability to help clients get out of a very difficult situation.

"If anybody is to invent around our patent, it'd better be us"

Before you submit a patent application we can try to invent around it, then we find the loopholes and help you to close them.


Inventing around is in fact a creative exercise that requires the identification of those elements that cannot be changed, and those elements that can be changed or challenged. Then it is a matter of finding alternative means to implement a function.

We always get a more complete understanding of the overall domain because we can use other patents as a source of inspiration, and most importantly we do not want to go around one landmine only to step on the one next to it. The exercise is more challenging when there is a bundle of patents to go round rather than a single one.

New concepts are sketched in CAD to communicate them easily and to check the viability of the concepts.