Technology Intelligence is all about MEANING. Identifying meaningful developments and interpreting its meaning.

We can scan anything that gets published, filter it to retain only what is relevant, create clear illustrations to communicate the principles, and position the new developments in relation to the existing in order to show trends. The value is in interpreting these trends to give meaning. We can keep our clients informed on a regular basis or the moment that a new development appears.

Sometimes the most significant things do not come in large numbers, so it is not a matter of statistics but a matter of noticing what matters. It is meaningless, for example, to give a summary of the top ten players in an industry that you know well, what is meaningful is to show you the new entrant who has something interesting. We want to spot a paradigm shift the moment it happens, and by definition this will be a single patent application record.


Foresight is all about making an intelligent and informed guess about the future. This first requires noticing the things that matter, questioning meaning, understanding how an idea can diffuse and start to be adopted, what determines the dynamics of a market, understanding the role of enabling technologies and their maturity, and understanding natural evolution cycles for markets, products, and technologies.

We illustrate technology foresight through scenarios. These in turn are based on hypothesis that are made and supported on the basis of trends and the assessment of the promise of new technologies. The functional orientation that we take in all our work is the organising structure. Function: What a system does or could do. The function is then taken as the trunk of a tree, the roots are the enabling technologies, and the branches are the application areas.

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