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Guiding Design & Development
Dynamically evaluating features and configurations against possible infringement risks as the design evolves

Our clients find it very valuable to be able to dynamically check alternative configurations and alternative features of their product or technology at each stage of the product development process without having to request a formal FTO every time.


By minimising risks carried through the development process, the R&D team has the freedom to explore alternative configurations and features. They can also know whether there is freedom to introduce new features and improvements for the future.


We work as a trusted advisor for our clients, always available during the development process to help with the use of the dynamic tools and help with interpretation of features and configurations in relation to the initial data and in relation to any new patent applications that get published.


Clients find that the product development process is accelerated because for each step of progression of the design they do not need to wait until a formal FTO is performed.

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