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Our Services

From simple questions on patentability or freedom-to-operate to complex strategy decisions, we search, analyse, and interpret information so that everything is clear for your team to make the important decisions without the labour intensive work.

Patent searches

Make confident decisions

Imagine a world when your team can make decisions immediately after a review meeting, without having to spend time in further analysis, without any doubts about any aspect of the system.


Our work is geared to provide exactly that, the ability to make confident decisions without waste of time.

Working around

Avoid infringement risks

Find solutions to avoid infringement for yourselves and your competitors.


Work  around patents to avoid further risks and make changes confidently using analytical and creative skills  to truly protect your inventions.

Supporting creation

Use patent knowledge to your advantage

Good decisions in technology and product development must take into consideration what competitors are doing, where the industry is heading, influencing trends and how enabling technologies are developing.


Patents represent a huge knowledge repository. This knowledge can be used to show us new principles that can be used to implement a function.

Guiding design & development

Develop a dynamic product

Dynamically check alternative configurations and features of your product or technology at each stage of the product development process to minimise risk.


Your team will know whether there is freedom to introduce new features and improvements for the future.

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