We provide reliable answers to the questions that matter.


We therefore first pay attention to clarify the questions that matter and then we collect the data and analyse them. This is done with the outmost  confidence that all publications that are relevant are collected, and that in our datasets we do not have irrelevant records that contaminate the analysis.


Our search strategy always follows multiple search streams. We apply a number of checks for the goodness of the search, such as invention frequency profile, degree of overlap between multiple search streams. It is always an iterative process. A clear quantitative assurance is provided through citation searches where we check if the number of new records that are obtained from citations exceeds a threshold.



Patentability searches
Freedom-to-Operate searches

The distinguishing characteristic of the way we work is that we  not only check novelty of the design as is, We identify and highlight opportunity areas for evolving your product or technology. The relevant documents that we find are illustrated with clarity so that you can immediately understand how that document may impact patentability from a novelty perspective and from an obviousness perspective.

Functional thinking is key for patent searches in relation to infringement risks and Freedom-to-Operate. For each main function of the system we assess infringement risks. We do not just provide a report, we present and explain the findings in a workshop where we also suggest approaches to mitigate or avoid the risk.

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