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Our work is geared to provide exactly that, the ability to make confident decisions without waste of time. Our clients have no doubts about the completeness of the search results because the searches are exceedingly thorough.

The entire team clear about every relevant concept and every relevant patent because on our insistence on clarity through simplicity. Everyone is able to ask questions during our presentations so that consensus is built about the implications of every patent record.

Our clients benefit from working with us as trusted advisors that provide clear opinions and meaningfully engage in technical discussions leveraging our own engineering and technology development background.

Patent Searches

Imagine a world when your team can make decisions immediately after a review meeting, without having to spend time in further analysis, without any doubts about any aspect of the system.

Freedom To Operate
State Of The Art

Working around

Find solutions to avoid infringement and make sure competitors cannot work around your patents.


Supporting creation

Use patents as inspiration for new solutions and strategic planning by knowing what others are doing.


Guiding design & development

Dynamically evaluate features and configurations against possible infringement risks as the design evolves.

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