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Patent Searches

There are times when a competitor’s patent is standing in your way while changing your design is the last thing that you want to do.


It may also happen that a competitor takes action against you and you need to defend your product. There are times that you need to ask for a free license from a competitor before launching your product.


Finding materials to invalidate a patent is frequently a high-stakes exercise.


There is the need to leave no stone unturned until a capable publication is found, sufficiently strong to support your objectives.

We search patent and non-patent literature thoroughly so that if there is something that can be found we will find it.

We assess each relevant publication with regards to its strength in supporting an argument for destroying novelty or challenging inventive step of your competitor’s patent.

We discuss it with your team and with your patent attorney during an online meeting so that a conclusion can be reached and a decision can be made immediately following our meeting.

We provide thorough and clear explanations so that you can make confident decisions, with consensus and without waste of time.

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