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State Of The Art

Good decisions in product and technology development are made when there is good knowledge of prior art, of trends, of equivalent solutions in other industries, of the maturity and the promise of enabling technologies.


Simply put, you need to know what competitors have considered, what new ideas are bubbling, what proven solutions can be transferred from other industries.

The challenge is that there is a vast volume of data and it is easy to either get drowned in an ocean of data or take a superficial representation that looks nice but is practically useless.

We provide clear answers to the questions that matter to you, interactively through several online meetings and workshops. Our clients find this particularly useful because the entire client team builds a shared understanding and can more forward to decisions without  much additional effort in analysing prior art data.

To do that we first seek to clarify the questions, we understand the governing physics and the factors that can provide a competitive advantage.


Before any searching takes place we create a guiding structure so that each aspect of the technology can be meaningfully represented. Findings are summarised in ways that support clear conclusions and decision making.


Behind any technological concept or any trend we ask the question “so what?”. The guiding principle is: clarity through simplicity and visual representations that enable us to easily zoom in and out of the details.

IPR - state of the art diagram.png

Example of simple schematic overview:

Clear pictures of alternative directions in 10 seconds!

Freedom To Operate
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