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Who we are

Our background is in product and technology development. We started in 2001 from the need to inform key strategic decisions in the product and technology development process.


We approach patent exploration not from an informatics perspective but from a perspective of helping R&D teams to make key decisions at each stage of the product development process. Therefore our focus is in presenting information and guiding a discussion so that engineers can easily understand the essence of each relevant patent and come to a conclusion without having to spend time in processing the data.


Because we come from a product development background we understand the needs and they way of thinking of R&D engineers.


Our expert team are here to help

Today we have a team of patent analysts, all experienced engineers. We have engineering disciplines that cover mechanical engineering, mechatronics, sensors, and computer implemented inventions.

We have experience in agricultural systems, domestic and small appliances, tools, industrial systems and processes, medical devices, vehicles, all types of kinematics applications, air treatment, and sensors.

What makes us different?

The key characteristic principles that differentiate our work are:

Clarity Through Simplicity

Understand the core concept in less than 10 seconds!

Functional Guidance

Focusing on what the system does (function) and how it does it.

Constant Seeking Of Meaning

Always asking the question “so what” so that we can guide decision making.

Our company ethos

We look at our clients as partners with whom we build long-term relationships. Our commitment is to act as a trusted advisor, providing clear opinions, engaging in workshops to answer any question and any clarification that is needed rather than sending reports, and freely expressing our engineering insights with regards to the technology and design options that our customers are considering.

All work is strictly confidential and we take great care to safeguard information and to avoid any possibility of conflict of interest.

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