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How we can add value to you

Patent Manager

As patent managers you have a special role in supporting and often guiding R&D teams. When supporting several teams you may frequently become overloaded with a wide range of tasks from patent searches to oppositions to design review workshops, monitoring information releases by your colleagues plus a lot of admin.

We add value by taking on the tasks for which you need total confidence and bringing them to completion in a way that requires very little time from you. You can trust us with all types of patent searches. We will do them comprehensively and cost-effectively.

R&D Team

What if you could have the world of solutions at your fingertips as you are handling a new design problem? Different stages of product development present different challenges. From the need-to-know what competitors are doing to checking if a new idea is potentially patentable to minimizing the risk of infringement as the design evolves.

We add value at every stage by analysing and presenting information to make decisions. Information is simply the answer to the question asked. We work with you to ask the right questions and then present information so that you can make decisions fast and reliably.

Senior Management

To take strategic decisions you need to have a clear overview. How a technology is evolving, what competitors are doing, alternative means of implementing a function, the opportunities and threats from emerging technologies, alternatives application areas for a technology your company has developed. One challenge is that it is too easy to get drowned in an ocean of data. Another challenge is how to build consensus among people.


We add value by building guiding structures to organize the issues around a topic, and by religiously adhering to the principle of getting clarity through simplicity. We engage in workshops to provide clear answers and facilitate productive discussions.


Investing in new technology has many risks and requires a detailed due diligence to cover among other things aspects of commercial superiority of the technology, status and risk with regards to intellectual property. You need to know that there is freedom to operate i.e. that the  technology does not infringe other patents. You need to know where the technology stands in terms of the evolution of the field and in terms of the position of key competitors.  You need to know if there is sufficient coverage of the intellectual space by a given patent or if a broader patenting strategy is possible.


We add value by supporting a detailed technical due diligence in relation to:


- IP rights legal status

- Infringement of any other IP

- Breadth of patent coverage in relation to variants and alternatives

- Position of the technology in relation to the state of the art


We can evaluate the position of the technology with respect to alternatives, generic technological trends, specific trends of this technological sector, technology maturity and position of the technology on a constructed S-curve. We can show what others are doing in terms of the conceptual space they cover vis-à-vis the specific technology you are considering to invest. We can also visually illustrate the key players in the technology and their activity, collaborations within the domain. We could see possible alliances to cover or improve weak areas of the technology (e.g. manufacturing aspects).

Patent Manager
R&D Team
Senior Management
An Investor

Patent searches

Make decisions immediately without doubt; Patentability, Freedom To Operate, Invalidity, State Of The Art.


Working around

Find solutions to avoid infringement and make sure competitors cannot work around your patents.


Supporting creation

Use patents as inspiration for new solutions and strategic planning by knowing what others are doing.


Guiding design & development

Dynamically evaluating features and configurations against possible infringement risks as the design evolves.

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