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Working Around
Find solutions to avoid infringement

In those cases where your technology or product could be infringing a competitors’ patent the stakes are very high. Already a lot of effort has been devoted in development, so any changes need to be made with the confidence that the new solution will not run into any other infringement risks, not just of the one patent that has raised an alarm but of any other relevant patent that may potentially cause a problem to the modified design.

Working around patents that stand in your way requires both analytical and creative skills, it requires close collaboration with your R&D team so that proposed solutions not only avoid infringements but can work well, continue to have advantages over competition, and can be implemented easily.

Because our team comes from a product and technology development background, we can sketch solutions in CAD and explain how alternatives can work.

Our clients find that having a trusted advisor that not only understands patents but can generate meaningful solutions, lightens the burden from their team and brings fresh perspectives. From engineers to engineers communication is effective and excellent solutions are found very efficiently.


Outline of our process for inventing around

Working arond diagram 1.png
Make sure competitors cannot work around your patents
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