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Make Confident

In research, development and product planning
Technology intelligence beyond the obvious

From simple questions on patentability or freedom-to-operate to complex strategy decisions, we search, analyse, and interpret information so that everything is clear for your team to make the important decisions without the labour intensive work.


You clearly understand the essence of a patent in less than 10 seconds.


You get clear opinions and reach conclusions during delivery workshops.


You can confidently make key decisions, with no further analysis needed.

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You work efficiently with people who understand your technology and your challenges.

Benefits of working with us:
Our Services

Patent searches

Make decisions immediately without doubt; Patentability, Freedom To Operate, Invalidity, State Of The Art.


Working around

Find solutions to avoid infringement and make sure competitors cannot work around your patents.


Supporting creation

Use patents as inspiration for new solutions and strategic planning by knowing what others are doing.


Guiding design & development

Dynamically evaluating features and configurations against possible infringement risks as the design evolves.

What Clients Say

"As our work developed and became more complex, there was not enough manpower to cover the needs. We needed a trusted partner we could rely on. IP research has been this partner to whom we have total confidence about the quality of the service”

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Ensuring Freedom-To-Operate is a critical part of the product development process. But frequently briefs that R&D teams provide are missing key elements which means that you are either left exposed to unidentified risks or you will incur much higher costs.

Know how to prepare an effective brief and be confident about your decisions.

How to prepare an effective FTO brief
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Let us be your trusted advisor

Using our 20+ years of experience working in product and technology development, we help R&D teams to make key decisions at each stage of the product development process.


We’re passionate about presenting information and guiding a discussion so that engineers can easily understand the essence of each relevant patent and come to a conclusion without having to spend time in processing the data.

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