We are driven by the key principle CLARITY THROUGH SIMPLICITY. We extract the core principles from patent documents and demonstrate with clear and simple schematics what the relevant principles are and how they are being used. Ten seconds to understand the principle- that is our yardstick.

What are the relevant principles? This is where our skills and expertise as engineers and product developers come into play. Relevance is determined on the basis of the key functions that we are trying to implement. All our work is driven by functional thinking. The key questions are "What does the system do?" and "What could the system do in the future?". What and How are seen as pairs in a hierarchy.

Noticing the things that are invisible to others is another skill we are proud of. It is about seeing behind what is immediately described and recognising the principles that could be useful and further imagining how a disclosed invention could be modified to serve our purposes.

Technology intelligence beyond the obvious

Data collection, analysis, exploration of meaning, interpretation of trends, inspiration.... from a strategic perspective

The way we work