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Supporting Creation
Patents as inspiration for new solutions

Patents represent a huge knowledge repository. This knowledge can be used to  show us new principles that can be used to implement a function, perhaps in other industries. We take a functional approach, search and patents for the purpose of extracting principles to implement a function. We represent these principles with the outmost simplicity.


We present these principles with illustrations from patent figures together with our ideas on how each principle could potentially be used. This is done in workshops that we facilitate with our client teams.


Our clients find this an extremely valuable way to prepare a fertile ground, so that their team can then examine a range of new possibilities frequently outside their standard directions of thinking.


Using this approach our clients have been able to stimulate effective ideation and generate breakthrough ideas efficiently.

Fuel Canister.G11.2k.png
Function implementation in other industries: 

If you are making fuel canisters and want to prevent accidental spillage of fuel when the canister flips over, what is the difference with a baby drinking cup? Conceptually none! We help you to transfer proven concepts!

Sippy Cup.G02.2k.png
Strategic planning by knowing what others are doing
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