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Strategic planning by knowing what others are doing

Good decisions in technology and product development must take into consideration what competitors are doing, where the industry is heading, what are influencing trends, how enabling technologies are developing.


We take a top level view and process large amounts of data so that from data about the past we can making meaningful inferences about the future. It is never an issue of preparing pretty charts, it is always a question of meaning and interpretation.


Our clients find that during the online workshops with their team, we ask the questions that matter so that meaningful strategic conclusions can be drawn. By combing our analysis with the insights and tacit knowledge that our clients’ team members have we collectively arrive at those insights that can inform important strategic planning. Such strategic planning includes product and technology roadmaps. Our analysis means that such strategic planning workshops by the client senior management team are less influenced by personal biases, utilise a broad perspective, and are based on hard data.


A broad perspective based on good data leads to good and confident decisions.

Patents as inspiration for new solutions
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